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Électronique grand public Aug 19, 2021
Électronique grand public

Électronique grand public

L'industrie de l'électronique grand public est une industrie typiquement axée sur la technologie. Alors que chaque innovation technologique remodèle le format de l'industrie, elle apporte également des demandes émergentes de l'industrie. L'avancement de la technologie favorise le développement continu de l'électronique grand public vers l'intelligence et l'intégration. L'intégration profonde des produits électroniques grand public et de l'Internet des objets deviendra une direction importante pour le développement de l'industrie, et les produits intelligents polyvalents deviendront le courant dominant à l'avenir.

Dans l'industrie de l'électronique grand public, RF-star fournit des solutions de technologie de communication sans fil à tous les clients de terminaux d'électronique grand public, permettant aux produits terminaux intelligents d'avoir des fonctions telles que la mise en réseau, le contrôle à distance et la gestion APP. Le développement de l'industrie a réalisé la combinaison de l'équipement matériel et de l'intelligence artificielle, ce qui fait que la taille du matériel des produits terminaux intelligents continue de diminuer tout en intégrant davantage de fonctions, telles que le traitement de l'information, la connexion de données, la perception et les services interactifs. RF-star insiste pour fournir aux clients les solutions les plus récentes et les plus stables, en suivant le rythme du développement de l'industrie.

Jouets télécommandés (RC)

Jouets télécommandés (RC)

With the development of Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, the field of remote-control (RC) toys also ushered in iterations. BLE5.0 brings a longer communication range, can reliably extend the control distance, let toy cars have a longer and more interesting track, and also realize real-time sensor data return, such as traction and engine speed, The controller can be warned of unfavorable conditions. In addition, BLE5.0 also allows the drone's environmental monitoring function to achieve a safer and more predictable flight, because Bluetooth technology allows the drone to broadcast like a beacon, bringing collision detection and avoidance to the drone. Possibility. Any RC toy that uses embedded Bluetooth technology, as long as it conforms to the Bluetooth standard, can be controlled by a Bluetooth smart mobile terminal or controller. The operation is flexible, convenient and safe, which greatly improves the experience of RC users. RF-star BLE modules have been embedded in many RC solutions. RF-star uses the latest technology to support the users to have a better experience.

Bluetooth tablet

Tablette Bluetooth

Bluetooth low energy technology is widely used in computer peripherals and other operating devices. In addition to commonly used wireless keyboards, mice, etc., the Bluetooth tablet also opens a digital mode for learning and office. The handwriting board combines traditional paper writing with advanced electromagnetic pressure-sensitive technology, and incorporates the transmission and networking solutions of Bluetooth 5.0. The paper content of handwritten notes, sketches or annotations written in classrooms or meetings is quickly and accurately synchronized and transmitted to mobile phones, tablets, PCs and other terminal devices, and ordinary handwriting can be easily converted into digital files for further editing and saving. And the Bluetooth MESH group Network technology allows multiple devices to access the terminal, display on the same screen, and stable data interaction. The BLE mesh and BLE5.0 modules of RF-star have supported many computers peripheral manufacturers to have better smart and stable solutions.

ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) system

Système ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)

With the rise of concepts such as sharing economy and new retail, traditional supermarkets and convenience stores have also ushered in great changes. The emergence and development of ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) system realizes simple price display and wireless price change. In the technology backgrounds of Internet +, Internet of things, big data, cloud platform, virtual map, etc., ESL also realizes data feedback, data analysis, guidance consumption, and fine management. It can combine with indoor positioning system, which further realizes the functions of commodity and personnel positioning, indoor navigation, precision marketing, asset management and other functions, and builds more intelligent retail scenarios. RF-star can support the solution providers with the BLE modules with lowest power consumption and the most aggressive costs.

Système ESL

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